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Cheese and Biscuits

We have teamed up with “the Cheese Lady” Juliet Harbutt to talk about cheese and biscuits. Juliet is not only passionate about cheese, she writes about it, holds cheese master classes and is the founder of the British Cheese Awards.

Juliet about our Digestive biscuits:

“With their lovely fresh, clean, nutty taste, light feel in the mouth and firm but not too crunchy texture they provide the perfect background for all styles of cheese. They also allow the more subtle nature of the cheese to come forth and shine.”

Juliet about combining cheese and biscuits:

“There are so many different styles of cheese now made, in Britain alone we make 700 different cheeses of which over 100 are organic, so deciding what goes with what is a huge task but here are some partnerships you might like to try.

·     three biscuits A great way to start off would be a nice piece of mature Cheddar with the Doves Farm Digestive biscuits. Hard cheeses (e.g.: Cheshire, Comte, Pecorino) range from crumbly with a lemony fresh bite like Caerphilly to the granite-like texture and sweet pineapple notes of 36 month Parmesan so it’s  impossible to generalise, but overall hard cheeses were great with all or any of the Doves Farm biscuit range.

·      ThGinger Oat biscuits were great with fresh cheeses (such as cream cheese), but the best was a fresh spreadable goat cheese like Windrush Valley.

·       A soft white cheese, like a Camembert, with its mushroom taste and soft, creamy sometimes runny texture goes best with Fruity Oat biscuits.

Whatever combination you choose, make sure it is British and look out for the British cheese Awards medals which are a symbol of excellence.

Have fun trying the various combinations and remember any cheese you can make with cow’s milk can and often is made with goat, ewe or even buffalo milk!”

So, next time you are putting together a cheese board, don’t forget to try and match the cheeses with our organic range of biscuits and let your taste buds explore your favourite combination.


Find out more about Juliet Harbutt and the British Cheese Awards.