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Pancake Recipes

With Pancake Day just around the corner (February 28th), it’s time to make sure you’re all set with your aprons and ready to cook delicious pancakes!  All perfect for Shrove Tuesday and beyond!

Gluten Free Pancakes / Crepes

Pancakes are traditionally served on Shrove Tuesday. One of our most popular recipes, it is unlikely that anyone will notice that these great pancakes are gluten free. As there is an increasing need for recipes free not only from gluten but other allergens, try our suggested ingredient swops if you would like to make gluten free pancakes also free from dairy and/or eggs


Free From Amercian Style Pancakes

These thick, fluffy, American Style Pancakes are the perfect Sunday brunch treat. They can be made Free From allergens using our clever ingredient swaps. These pancakes are delicious and wholesome topped with banana and chopped almonds, and drizzled with maple syrup. This recipe will make 10 thick pancakes.

Gluten Free Blueberry and Buckwheat Pancakes

Put a contemporary twist on an ancient recipe by making our delicious American style Blueberry & Buckwheat Pancakes. Buckwheat, the little known super grain, dates back thousands of years but has recently been gaining a more mainstream audience. This recipe will make four American style pancakes that are delicious served with any kind of syrup and cream.


Gluten Free Banana Pancakes

These delicious pancakes are made without refined sugar, using banana for natural sweetness. They are also gluten free, and can be made free from egg and dairy using our suggested ingredient swops! This recipe makes 6 pancakes.



Okonomiyaki Prawn Pancakes

This quick and easy lunch or supper dish for two is based on the Japanese Okonomiyak, 'as you like it’ pancake. Use fresh or frozen prawns or substitute them with squid, scallops or tofu.




Pancakes are traditionally served on Shrove Tuesday, when tossing the pancake is a popular sport. As many people will eat two or three pancakes it’s a good idea to make several in advance, reheating and tossing them before serving. Sugar and lemon juice, chocolate spread or jam are classic pancake fillings



Maple Rye Drop Scones

maple rye scopnes with delicious homemade jam

These wheat free drop scones are rather like Scotch pancakes and are delicious served warm for tea with extra syrup or with butter and jam.




Gluten Free Pancake Drop Scones

These pancakes are lighter in colour due to the Rice Flour, but you won’t be missing out on taste. These pancakes are also free from egg and dairy. Choose your favourite topping for the perfect Saturday morning treat.



Gluten Free Scotch Pancakes or Drop Scones

gluten free drop scones cooking in a pan

Sometimes known by more than one name these traditional small pancakes are a tea time delight. Serve them warm on their own or spread with home made jam.






This recipe makes wonderful thin pancakes known as crepes in France. Serve them warm with your choice of sweet filling, jam chocolate spread, etc.




Crepe Suzette


This classic French recipe is a must as a sensational and theatrical pudding that can be prepared in advance. Served flambe.




Blueberry Pancakes

Cooking blueberry pancakes

For a special breakfast serve these blueberry pancakes with a drizzle of maple syrup and a handful of fresh blueberries. This recipe makes about 8 pancakes the size of drop scone.




Gallettes de Sarrasin - Buckwheat Pancakes

Gallette de Sarrasin served on a plate

This traditional style of savoury pancake is popular in Northern France. They should be served with a filling of your choice placed in the middle of the gallette, which is then folded into an open or closed envelope and cooked in the pan or oven for a few minutes. Typical fillings are chopped ham or tomato with grated emmental cheese or wilted spinach with a spoon of cream and an egg in the middle. It is a good idea to make a stack of gallettes in advance, allowing two or three per person.