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Gourmet Recipes

Our newest range of gourmet grains and flours are great for all types of baking and cooking. They are all suitable for coeliacs and anyone following a gluten or wheat free diet, or are just a great way of adding greater diversity into your diet. Click the links below for fantastic new recipes.


Buckwheat Dumplings or 'Furmenton de Bales'




Teff with Feta, Sundried Tomatoes and Kale Chips

A naturally gluten free super grain, teff is an alternative to typical grains such as rice and wheat. The umami flavour of the kale chips in this dish works well with the subtle teff, salty feta and juicy sundried tomato. Teff has a low GI (Glycaemic Index) so this dish is sure to satisfy your appetite!



Double Chocolate & Sour Cherry Brownies

The smooth, indulgent dark chocolate in these brownies is complemented by the slightly sour notes of the cherries. Easy to make but hard to resist!


Millet Stuffed Mushrooms

The occasional mouthful of dried fruit to this savoury alternative to rice creates a noble dish that complements almost any kind of meat or is just great just served with a salad.


 Stilton Croquettes Close

Stilton Croquettes

Crispy on the outside and soft in the centre, these family favourites are made with wholegrain brown rice flour.


 Brown Rice Treacle Tart

Brown Rice Treacle Tart

A sweet, sticky, homely recipe using brown rice to create a light, crisp pastry that everyone can enjoy. Great served warm with ice cream.



Buckwheat RisottoBuckwheat Risotto

This delicious, wholesome dish is ideal served as a filling main meal or in a small portion as a starter.



Cheesy Buckwheat Scones plateCheesy Buckwheat Scones

Packed with flavour and a great savoury treat, enjoy these with a spread of butter or as an accompaniment to soup.



Buckwheat Raspberry & White Chocolate MuffinsRaspberry & White Chocolate Muffins

The buckwheat flour in this recipe gives these muffins a distinctive flavour and texture. Sweet and moreish.



Cinnamon Maple Drop SconesCinnamon Maple Drop Scones

Made using chickpea flour, these sweet baked pancakes are a perfect treat for a family breakfast on Sunday morning.



Chickpea FalafelChickpea Falafel

A favourite in Middle Eastern cuisine, these falafel are golden and crisp. They are a great high protein dish, delicious served with dips.



turn sweetcorn fritters to cook both sidesSweetcorn Fritters

A light meal option made with maize flour, these fritters are best served with a big fresh side salad and salsa or sour cream dip.



Chocolate Crackle CookiesChocolate Crackle Cookies

A delicious gluten free snack that is easy to prepare and quick to bake. The perfect child-friendly rainy day baking recipe.



Millet & Squash CongeeMillet and Squash Congee

A thick, chunky style soup, with whole millet grains and vegetables. Serve hot with a fresh grind of black pepper on top.



 Sultana Butter CookieSultana Cookies

Soft yet crunchy, these fruity cookies are another great naturally gluten free sweet treat option, made with millet flour.



Sweet Millet PorridgeSweet Millet Porridge

Warm, homely and filling, this millet porridge is a great alternative to the well known oat variety. Drizzle with honey, syrup, sugar or jam.



Potato Flour MadeleinesMadeleine Cakes

Using a madeleine cake mould, you can make these lovely, perfectly shaped treats. They are light and delicate, made using potato flour.



Leek & Potato SoupLeek and Potato Soup

Thickened using potato flour, this soup is warm and comforting. It is the perfect meal on those cold days when it's raining outside.



Mediterranean QuinoaMediterranean Style Quinoa

Great served warm or cold, this quinoa dish can be enjoyed as a main evening meal or in a small portion as a light lunch or side.



Quinoa Stuffed PepperQuinoa Stuffed Peppers

These baked peppers turn sweet and delicious, whilst holding the quinoa mix inside. A great healthy, gluten free meal option.



Minty Cocoa & Quinoa CookiesMinty Chocolate & Quinoa Cookies

Serve up a plate of these small delicious cookies with tea or coffee after an evening meal. The perfect way to end a night with friends.



Quinoa PastaQuinoa Pasta

A gluten free pasta that everyone can enjoy. This serving suggestion is light and summery or you can choose your own sauce or topping.



Almond Snaps PlateAlmond Snap Biscuits

The tapioca flour in this recipe gives these biscuits a great texture. Thin and light, they're ideal as a little snack with a cuppa.



Tapioca Cocnut CakeCoconut Cake

A family favourite, this dairy free sponge cake is made with tapioca flour and desiccated coconut and milk, then topped with jam.



Teff Grain Vegetable BakeTeff Vegetable Bake

A delicious dish is gluten free, nut free and dairy free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Serve warm or cold with veg or salad.



Chocolate Teff BrownieChocolate Teff Brownies

A crisp top and a gooey, chocolately centre, these gluten free brownies will be loved by everyone, not just coeliacs!



Banana Teff MuffinsTeff Banana Muffins

These are muffins with a difference! Made with teff flour, they are light in texture but dark in colour with a rich banana flavour.