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Ancient Grain Bread Collection

Our new ancient grain bread recipes, reflect the journey we have had baking wonderful breads with the organic, ancient-grain flours of Spelt, Emmer, Einkorn, Kamut Khorasan and Rye.

The nutty sweetness of wholemeal spelt flour mingles with the creaminess of the oats in this tin loaf. Although packed with whole grains, this loaf has a surprisingly light and soft eating crumb. I get hunger pangs and yearn for the midday break when I know this bread has been used for my lunch box sandwich!

This easy to make bread uses more liquid than many recipes and, with just one rising, it bakes two great loaves with an appealing crumpet like crumb structure. Do try and resist adding extra flour to the sticky dough. When I want decent bread in a hurry this is my ‘go to’ recipe – making one loaf to eat almost immediately and one for later.
White rye flour creates a fine, tasty, off-white coloured crumb in this classic marriage of rye and caraway seeds. I use fennel seeds if there is no caraway in the cupboard and also enjoy this loaf without any seeds. Cheddar and home-made pickle sandwiches are a family favourite when made with this good slicing loaf.
Easy to prepare, a cob loaf is simply a large ball of dough which only needs a baking tray for cooking. I love the deep, rich, wheaty, Emmer flavour combined with the warm, earthy, walnuts and walnut oil. This bread is particularly delicious with Somerset Brie.
Partnered with soup, this is the perfect mid-week supper for me and sometimes there is a baguette left to pop into the freezer.
I like to dunk chunks of this bread into soups and also make this tear-and-share loaf to go with cheese, cold cuts and pickle at picnics.
With the oozing cheese and the chunks of artichokes, this soft bread crown is a meal in itself, especially when served warm.
Einkorn adds good flavour to these wraps which are quick and easy to make. They are great with curry, but also nice filled with a spicy filling for a quick lunch or supper. Any leftover flat breads will freeze well.
I do feel less guilty about snacking with homemade crackers, rather than the shop-bought kind, because I know where my ingredients have come from. Sometimes I swap the nigella seeds for a couple of spoons of chopped rosemary or za’atar.
This sharing bread is always fun to make and is an eye-catching party food. You can be creative with the toppings and swap them for things like sweetcorn, mushrooms, chopped ham or chorizo. If possible, I serve this bread slightly warm.
Far from being just a humble, wholemeal soda bread this loaf is rustic, fragrant and toothsome. Best eaten on the day of baking, I serve slices simply spread with butter and homemade jam or honey. For a lighter version swap your wholemeal flour with white Spelt flour.
This loaf has a close textured crumb with fruity apricot pockets and subtle, nutty tones from the cocoa nibs. It’s simply delicious with a little butter but can also be served with artisan cheddar cheese for an even more intense flavour experience.
These enriched bread rolls are made with creamy white spelt flour and are great for serving with traditional beef or veggie burgers. Homemade burger buns are my way of adding a special touch to the usual BBQ routine and if there are ever any left over, I freeze them for another day.