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About Gluten Free

Gluten Free products are produced without any gluten, which is a naturally occurring protein in cereal wheats. People suffering from coeliac disease, those which are wheat intolerant and many others follow Gluten Free diets. At Doves Farm we work in close relationships with many gluten free groups, sufferers and nutritionists to develop our awarded winning range of gluten free products.

Our Gluten Free Product Range

Doves Farm produces a wide variety of Gluten Free and Wheat Free products; Gluten Free FlourGluten Free Breakfast Cereals, Gluten Free Pasta and Gluten Free Cookies are amongst our product range.

On this part of our website you will find lots of background information about ingredients, gluten free grains, flours and the gluten free foods that are sold under the Doves Farm label. You can also find out about gluten free diet, gluten intolerance, how to enjoy gluten free baking with children, and lots of tried and tested gluten free recipes.

Learn more about Gluten, Coeliac Disease, Wheat Intolerance and much more in the Coeliac Disease section.

Gluten in oats

There is evidence that some coeliacs can tolerate small amounts of the type of gluten found in oats. While research continues they should only be included in the coeliac diet under medical and dietary supervision.

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