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Nut Status

Doves Farm foods is a nut free site. This term is used to indicate that the entire area of land occupied by the business and under our control, including car park, canteen and factory offices, does not have nut or nut containing products on it. There are procedures in place and training / confirmation is carried out with all staff, visitors and contractors to ensure a full understanding and compliance with this statement.

Selected ranges of our products declare they are free from peanuts and for all these products we carry out a full risk assessment of the suppliers of raw materials and test the raw materials at intake to our site and prior to use in our products. 

We do pack chestnut flour on site, but Chestnuts are not listed in Annex II of the Food Information to Consumers regulations (EU) 1169/2011and therefore are not considered an allergenic food in Europe. However, there is a small minority of the population who are allergic to chestnuts and these people should avoid chestnut flour. Neither do we consider that chestnuts are a nut. They are fruits of trees belonging to the Fagaceae family and are not listed as a nut in Annex II. All the nuts listed in this regulation and products thereof, are avoided on site, namely peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio nuts and macadamia or Queensland nuts.
We do however, regularly review legislation and update our products and information provided, based on the most recent data available.