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"The stone grinding process crushes grain smoothly producing elliptical bran particles while gently warming the flour and evenly distributing the natural oils, vitamins and minerals throughout the flour"

About Milling

Seeds and roots have been ground and prepared for food since prehistoric times. Early man crushed seeds by placing them on a flat sloping surface and rolling another small stone over the grains to crush them. This earliest form of milling was eventually industrialised using wind or water power.

The preparation and grinding of seeds and roots for food using various materials has evolved from prehistoric time. As soon as man discovered he could produce food from grass seed he required a method of breaking down into small edible pieces.

Early man crushed seeds by placing them on a flat stone surface and rolling another smaller stone over the grains, crushing them. We know from Egyptian pictures that this method of crushing grain was popular.

In other societies a hollowed tree trunk or hollow stone would be used to hold the grain which was crushed by a stick, rather like a pestle and mortar.

Milling At Doves Farm

At Doves Farm we mill about 10,000 tonnes of flour every year. These are split between Organic, Non Organic and Gluten Free flours. It is very important that we have a sepeate mill for our Gluten Free Milling. You can learn more about why this is in the Gluten Free Area.

In total we have 8 sets of millstones which produce about 2 tonnes of flour per hour. We make flour using eight sets of metre wide millstones.

We also mill 10 sets of 3ft wide steel rolls which is a slow running rollermill producing just under 2 tonnes of flour per hour. We use this mill to produce our white flours for bread and cakes.

 History of Milling

Throughout history there have been advances in how we grind the wheats and seeds to form palletable foods. This area of the website can teach you about all these different methods from the prehistoric querns through to the modern roller mills.

Saddle Stones


Water Mills 


Tide Mills

Stone Grinding

Roller Milling